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About Armandale Farm Kennel

Armadale Farm Kennel is owned by Wanda Fitzpatrick who is a Veterinary Technician. We strive to provide a healthy, safe, comfortable, and happy environment for your pet while you are away. Even though we have a facility large enough for nearly 200 pets, we treat each pet with individual care. The management staff takes great pride in getting to know you and your pet as well as any special needs they may require.

Armadale Farm Kennel provides services to spayed/neutered pets only.

Our Pet Yard

Our back yard features a large amount of space for your pet to walk, play, and do their business! The entire space is fenced! Your dog is brought out into this yard by our kennel techs for walks, pamper time, and playtimes.

Grooming Room

We can do grooming! A full-time groomer is on hand for your pets grooming needs upon appointment. Boarding pets can be bathed any day of the week prior to pick up.

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The Kennel

Dog facilities include 60 indoor runs and 47 indoor/outdoor runs. The kennel is fully heated during the winter and air conditioned during the summer.  Boarding includes breakfast and dinner provided.

Availability for indoor/outdoor runs is limited, especially around holidays and during the summer, so be sure to call as far in advance as possible to make your reservations. These runs have a swinging doggie door that allows the dogs to go outside during the day. A daily walk is included with this run.  At night, the dogs are closed into their indoor area.

An indoor run is similar to the indoor/outdoor run without the doggie doors. There is still plenty of space for your pet to socialize with nearby dogs. Two walks are included in the daily boarding fee for dogs booked for indoor runs.

Two walks are also included with daily boarding fee.

For very small dogs and older dogs that need a calmer, more sedate boarding experience, we have condos in our main building. This space is much quieter and relaxed.

We have a special place for your cat to stay away from the dogs. The cat room is bright, quiet with soft classical music playing. Two large skylights fill the room with natural light. Your cat will love it here! Cats have a chance to get out and exercise and play on a daily basis.

We Love Your Pets!

We've been boarding our dogs with Armadale Farm Kennel for over 12 years and we are very pleased with their service and the care they provide our pets. Their staff know us and our dogs by name when we call, they are always courteous and professional and you can tell they LOVE having the dogs there. They offer all kinds of extras for the dogs - extra walks, playtime etc and our dogs are always happy to go on 'vacation' there.

- Jennifer H.

We Love Your Pets!

I have been going to Armadale Farm Kennel for the past 9 years and I would never take my dogs anywhere else. The treatment of the animals is beyond expectations. My dogs are always clean and happy when they come home, no matter how long I leave them. There is no better place to take your animals! For 9 years I have been taking the dogs to the kennel, both senior dogs and young dogs. They go above and beyond the call of duty.

- Victoria S.

We Love Your Pets!

My dog and I love going to Armadale Farm -- we've been going for about 10 years or so now. We live in eastern NC and I had a consulting position up there and now am in the area for meetings and taking care of a family member. My dog starts getting excited when we get close to the exit ramp off of I-540. They treat her very special, fight over taking care of her and she LOVE them!!! Which means I do too!

- Lucia P.

Let’s Do Brunch!

Would your pet enjoy a special treat while you’re away? We offer Sunday brunch & holiday brunch for your pet while they are in our care. Let us know if you’d like us to have brunch with your best friend.


Going on vacation or need to travel away from home?

We’re a safe and happy place for your pet while you’re away. Feel free to come take a tour or book your reservation today!