Policies For All Clients

Please read over this page carefully.

Thank you for choosing to board your pet(s) at Armadale Farm Kennel. We appreciate the opportunity to care for your pet(s) while you are away. The following are some of our policies in regards to fees, bedding, food, vaccines, check-in, and tours.

All Pets Must Be Spayed Or Neutered!

We do not accept adult pets that are over one year of age and are NOT spayed or neutered.

Vaccine Requirements

Dogs: We require Rabies, 6 month Bordetella, Distemper Parvo, Heartworm Check, Canine Influenza Vaccine and Intestinal Parasite Test to be current at the time of boarding.

Cats: We require Feline Distemper, Feline Leukemia, Rabies, and Intestinal Parasite test. Routine Veterinary care can be arranged through us by Armadale Animal Hospital if necessary.

Make sure we have all your pets’ vaccine information BEFORE drop-off day. You may mail it, fax it, or bring it by. It is time consuming for both you and our staff and can delay your travel plans to try to get this information at drop-off time. If we must verify vaccination information at drop-off time, you will be assessed a $15 verification fee. Our fax number is (919) 847-2013.


Discounts for multi pets, and long term stays over 21 days are available, call 919-847-0389 for further information. Our hours are as followed:

Monday- Friday 8am – 6pm
Saturday 8am – 12pm
Sunday 5pm – 7pm

(You automatically with be charged for Sun. if you are dropping off or picking up on Sun.)


We require a $25 non-refundable deposit for new clients, to hold your reservation. This deposit is non-refundable; it will be taken off your total bill during check out. If you cancel within the cancellation guidelines, your deposit will be applied to your Armadale account to be used for future services. We require a 72-hour cancellation notice for all non-holiday visits and 5 business day notice for all holiday stays. Reservations for new clients will not be made without this deposit. If you do not show up for your reservation your deposit is forfeited and will not be refunded back to you in anyway.

Medications And Diets

We provide a range of Bil-Jac® brand dog foods including Adult, Puppy, Lite, and Senior. There is a $2.00 per day fee to feed food from home, as well as Iams Veterinary Formula Intestinal Plus Low-Residue Dry Dog Food® and Royal Canin® Veterinary Diet TM Whitefish and Potato for pets with allergies, that we provide by request. Armadale requires that food from home be packaged in Ziplock-type baggies, 1 meal per bag. All medications must be brought in with the original pill bottles with label. Pills may not be mixed in with dry food packages.  There is a per-dose fee for all medications, supplements, topical treatments, and eye/ear care and medicating.


Two walks daily are included for indoor and condo runs. Optional activities for boarding pets include Extra Walks, Cookie Time, Play Time, Daily Brushing, Frosty Paws, Frozen Kong, Phototime, Treadtime, Laser Tag, Pamper Time, Cheese & Crackers. Prices range from $2.00 for a Cookie Time to $10.00 per session for Play Time (which is our most popular activity!). We also have complete grooming services available, and even teeth brushing. Ask our admissions staff for details!


We provide bedding and ask that if you must bring a blanket from home, it needs to be washable.  We will not take bedding with stuffing, and it must be no larger than 3’x 3’. Please realize that Armadale Farm Kennel is not responsible for any item left with your pet(s).  We will neither replace nor pay to replace ANY item left with your pet.  Armadale does not allow the following items to be left with your pet: dog beds of any kind, booda rope toys, carpet squares, comforters, sleeping bags, or tennis balls.  We recommend you bring treats, not toys.  Upon request, orthopedic cots are available for dogs with hip problems or arthritis.

Tours And Check-Ins

We welcome you to come for a tour of our facility before your pets scheduled stay (we will ask you to say your farewells in the lobby at the time of drop-off).  Please allow 10-15 minutes at check-in to fill out an admission form and any other necessary paperwork needed for drop-off and discuss with the admissions staff any issues your pet may have. Admission forms may be submitted from our website at www.armadalekennel.com.

Doggie Day Camp

We have Doggie Day Camp which is available Monday through Friday, 8am-6pm. Basic Day Camp is $15.00 per day and Day Camp with playgroup is $22.00 per Basic Day Camp includes, a Indoor/Outdoor Run, a Cookie Time, and Two Walks Day Camp with Playgroup Includes a Indoor/Outdoor Run, Cookie Time, Two Walks, 30 minute Play Group with Other Campers.

Let’s Do Brunch!

Would your pet enjoy a special treat while you’re away? We offer Sunday brunch & holiday brunch for your pet while they are in our care. Check our weekly menu to see what is being served each Sunday.